Ottawa child's drowning death illustrates the risks of unregulated child care

The Globe and Mail 

Melanie and Alain Audette understand all too well the terrible cost of unlicensed child care as three years ago they lost their first born Jeremie, when he drowned in a backyard swimming pool.

Melanie, a nurse, had to return to work so she and husband Alain had to find a spot at an unlicensed home daycare – “the kind of care that falls outside government regulations, and which many Canadians families must use when spaces in regulated care don’t open up.”

Ms. Audette was prepared with a long list of questions for the caregiver before she put Jeremie in her care. She also watched the caregiver in action over several days.

“But in the end, her husband concludes, “you don’t know who is looking after your kids.”

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