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Parents Looking for Child Care

When looking for child care, most parents are looking for a licensed child care space in a child care centre or in a licensed home child care agency.

Licensed child care means that providers are registered and following the Child Care and Early Years Act. 

Licensed child care centres are inspected yearly, whereas licensed home child cares are inspected at least four times a year, sometimes more.

There is, however, not enough licensed child care to meet the need of families. In fact, Ontario only has licensed child care space for 20% of all children.

  • Choosing an unlicensed provider is a difficult choice. You can access resources from the Canadian Child Care Federation on what to look for in choosing child care for your child by following this link:
  • Complaints regarding unlicensed child care: Have you seen an unlicensed provider with more than five children? This is illegal and unsafe. Ontario has a complaints-based system for unlicensed child care. The only protection for children in unlicensed care is a complaint, so if you see something that isn’t right, report it. For information on complaints, please visit:


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