Parents and advocates balk at new daycare regulations

Toronto Star 

"Ramsey is among hundreds of parents, child-care experts and advocates who are outraged Ontario’s education ministry is suggesting babies, toddlers and preschoolers in licensed centres should be cared for in larger groups at younger ages and with fewer adults.

It is the third time in six years the province has floated the idea as a way to address the financial squeeze facing child-care programs in the wake of full-day kindergarten and 12-month maternity leaves. And it has been touted as a way to make parent fees more affordable.

But for the third time, advocates say ministry officials have yet to show any provincial data to support the move.

“Quality isn’t great in child care as it is,” said Martha Friendly, head of the Toronto-based Childcare Resource and Research Unit. “If they bring this in, Ontario will be leading the race to the bottom.”"