Changes to the Child Care Legislation and Regulation

What is the latest news? FYI - it is confusing to have proposals for changes to legislation and regulations at the same time - but they are very different processes. 

The difference between legislation and regulation? Legislation provides the framework, regulation actually deals with many of the day to day rules that govern the administration of early learning and child care programs.

On December 3rd 2013, the Ontario government introduced new child care legislation at Queen's Park, the Child Care Modernization Act.

Legislation is widely supported, including by the OCBCC – we have been fierce critics of the government on lax enforcement of unlicensed child care who break the rules by looking after too many children.

While the legislation does not go as far we would have hoped it will make a difference in the ability of the Government to crack down on illegal operators. 

The bill is in debate in the legislature, next steps are 2nd reading and public hearings. We are fighting to get the bill moving. It has not passed.


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2013 Ontario Funding & Budget


After the 2013 Ontario Budget, the OCBCC presented to the Standing Committee on Finance, regarding the need for adequate and stable funding for child care. Without proper stabilization funds, the child care system will continue to see rising parent fees and difficulty in retaining qualified staff. As well, pre-budget submission was made by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario in support of child care in the budget.

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2013 Campaign to stabilize Child Care

These links provides information on the meetings and student advocacy that occurred early in 2013. Including local MPP’s and MP’s is important for collaborating for change in your area. Examples of letters to key stakeholders are also available.

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2013 Learning from Child Care Advocates of BC

These documents present the push in B.C. for accessible, affordable, quality child care. The public campaign for $10 a day child care became an issue in the provincial election. Studies have demonstrated the economic benefits of investing in child care, allowing more parents to return to work or school, increasing income taxes and creating long term benefits.

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Vaughan Unlicensed Child Care

On July 8, 2013, Eva Ravikovich, a 2 year old toddler died at a Vaughan unlicensed home child care. When officials arrived, there were 27 children present. According to the York Region Public Health Services, health investigators identified several health and safety infractions at the facility. A cause of death has yet to be released.

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2013 Ontario New Funding Formula

 The new funding formula changes the way that all child care funding flows from the province to local CMSMs and DSSABs to deliver child care in our communities. Provided here are outlines of child care funding formula changes, working with your local CMSM or DSSAB and information on why advocacy is important.

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2012 Child Care Budget & Funding

Click here to read more information on the child care budget and funding in 2012.

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2012 Unlicensed Child Care

Media coverage on unlicensed child care in 2012.

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2012 Other Child Care advocacy Campaign

Interested in past child care campaigns? Take a look here at other advocacy campaigns that occured in 2012.

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2012 Learning from Child Care Advocates of BC

Like Ontario, child care in British Columbia is expensive and hard-to-find. The child care advocacy coalition has developed a plan to phase in affordable child care at $10 a day.

Today in British Columbia (BC) there is a groundswell of support for affordable child care. It is part of a community plan for a public system of early learning & child care. CUPE Ontario & the OCBCC  co-sponsored a public forum on early learning and child care on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 - 6:30pm

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