Peel Votes to Close 12 Regional Child Care Centres

The Toronto Star

Peel Region votes to close its 12 daycare centres

But parents such as Mary Farrugia, whose child goes to the only facility in the region that offers evening care, said she will have nowhere to turn.

“I am a single mother, I have no family here and I work for an airline at the airport. I asked staff what they will do for me once my centre closes. They currently accept children for evening care up to the age of 12. Staff told me they have no answer for me right now.”

Other parents said there are no private daycare spaces available in their neighbourhoods.

Councillors who voted for the closures repeatedly said senior governments need to step up.

“We are at the province and we are talking to upper levels of government about daycare,” said Councillor John Sanderson. “It’s a tough, tough situation.”