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Day Nurseries Act & Legislation

The province of Ontario launched a great resource to help child care supervisors better understand licensing requirements in Ontario.

Visit their website, childcarelearning.on.ca

Pour le site français, visitez infogarderies.on.ca

Emergency Preparation

Niagara Region's Children Services put out a few great resources for preparing child care programs for emergency situations.

For Your Guide: Preparing Child Care for Emergencies, please click here.

For Emergency Response Plan templates and forms, please click here.

Writing an Inclusion Policy

For a great resource from Manitoba on writing an inclusion policy, please click here.

Pandemic Planning Resources

1. Federal Government Updated Public Health Guidance for Child Care Centres (Updated August 19, 2009)

Public Health Guidance for Child Care Programs and Schools (K to grade 12) regarding the Prevention and Management of Influenza-Like-illness (ILI), Including the Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza Virus.

Please click here for the website.

2. Business Continuity Plans

In 2008, the province of Quebec required child care centres to create their own Business Continuity plans. In order to help centres, Quebec provided a Guide to complete their Service Continuity Plan.

The guide, entitled “Dealing with the influenza pandemic: A guide for essential services in educational institutions and school organizations” is available here.

Pour la “Guide de planification des services essentiels dans les établissements d’enseignement et les organismes scolaires en cas de pandémie de grippe”, cliquez içi.

New Amendments to Health and Safety Legislation

Amendments to Health & Safety Legislation (Bill 168)

1. Checklist regarding compliance with the amendments to Health and Safety Legislation, click here or visit the Workers Health and Safety Centre’s  site here.

2. Ministry of Labour Sample Policies:

Example of Workplace Violence Policy, please click here or visit the website by clicking here.

Example of  Workplace Harassment Policy, please click here or visit their website by clicking here.

3. Ministry of Labour – Brochure on Workplace Violence and Harassment, 4 pages- click here.

4. Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario (OHSCO) – “Developing Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies and Programs: What Employers Need to Know”, 44 pages.

Please click here.

5. Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario (OHSCO) – “Developing Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies and Programs: A Toolbox”, 80 pages.

Please click here.

Updates to Section D.1 Health, Safety and Nutrition!

Created by the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

For the updated section, please click here. For the updated sample policy, please click here.