Province expects 375 additional child-care spots to open soon

Winnipeg Free Press

Manitoba families are expecting an expansion of almost 400 new licensed child care spaces in their communities. 

The Family Child Care Project was launched last fall as a pilot, and on Monday the provincial government recognized the project through continuing to fund it. The program supports and assists Manitobans to start their own licensed home daycare.

"Parents require quality child care that’s accessible, flexible and affordable," said Pam Zorn, executive director of Family Dynamics in a Monday press release. "Licensed family child care homes give Manitobans more viable options, while representing an excellent business opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education."

The provincial wait list for spots in child care facilities is now at around 12,000 names, said Pam Wege, executive director of the Manitoba Child Care Association. That’s the longest it’s been since the launch of the provincial online registry for child care in 2011, Wege said.


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