Quebec's 15,000 new $7-a-day child care spaces


Quebec to increase child care spaces with 15,000 new $7-a-day child care spaces. The spaces will be distributed with more than 2,000 in Montreal, 2,000 for the province’s underprivileged neighborhoods, and 300 spaces will be for aboriginal communities. 

The Parti Quebecois government places a high value on consistency, which is why most of the new spaces will go to non-profit government run child cares. “Almost 85 per cent of new spaces will go to non-profit government run CPE daycares" (CBC).

The Quebec Families Minister Nicole Léger said, "We made a choice to favour social equality."

To learn more about the distribution of the 15,000 child care spaces please read Quebec announces new daycare spaces – CBC News – February 7, 2013.

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