Queen's Park gears up for summer session

Toronto Star

 Wynne, who won 58 seats to 28 for the Conservatives and 21 for the New Democrats, promised to return the legislature for a special summer session not seen for years. The first order of legislative business will be to swear in the new members and pick a speaker from a list that includes former speaker Liberal MPP Dave Levac, Liberal MPP Shafiq Qaadri, NDP MPPs Paul Miller and Cheri DiNovo and Progressive Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls. The Liberals have committed to re-introducing all 28 bills that died when the election was called May 2, which includes the Fair Minimum Wage Act, the Invasive Species Act, the Child Care Modernization Act, a bill to ban paid blood donations, and the Accountability Act. The premier’s biggest priority for Ontario is to table the budget. Also, number of new government regulations and fee changes to come into force such as one million children eligible for the Ontario Child Benefit payment will see an annual increase of $100 annually for a total of $1,310. Tying the annual increase to inflation will require the budget to be passed.

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