Seeking a real 'Families First' agenda this first B.C. Family Day

Today in British Columbia, families are enjoying a fulfilled promise from Premier Christy Clark, on the creation of a statutory holiday, Family Day. While Clark has accomplished some of her promises from her mandate, there are still a lot to be done for the “Families First” agenda.  There many other policy initiatives that are needed to truly make life a little easier for B.C. families.

Adrienne Montani, Provincial Coordinator of First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition; and Seth Klein, BC Director of Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives offered 10 recommendations that the B.C. government can follow to put families first.  The second recommendation was a high quality, affordable, accessible, and non-profit child care system. This recommendation is “likely the single most significant thing the government could do to relieve families of a key affordability challenge” (rabble).

Read more of their recommendations here