Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario

Roadmap_cover.pngThe Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario was developed through community engagement and consultation. Over the past year, the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario have engaged our members, partners, allies and their communities in discussion about how to move child care forward. This Roadmap sets out our vision and our shared path forward for Ontario child care. The Roadmap features 20 Policy Interventions that can transform early learning and child care in Ontario from a market-based patchwork to a comprehensive, publicly funded system.

Our Roadmap tackles the issues of affordability for parents, decent work for educators and creating enough spaces for all as three facets of one unified plan, built with full and sufficient public funding and overarching system building and democratic governance. Each section of the Roadmap describes the goal, the provincial context and recommended policy interventions.


If you would like to share your feedback and ideas about the Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario, you can share them via our Feedback Form. If you would like to help campaign to achieve the universal child care in Ontario, visit the Rising Up for Child Care page.