Scary Fact Friday – the average wage for an Early Childhood Educator in the GTA is $16.21 / hour

You may have heard that the Liberal government is recalling the Provincial Legislature on Monday to try to pass special legislation to impose a contract on Ontario’s teachers.

 We are supporting the teachers. Why?

We are not only supporting Ontario’s teachers because they are long-time supporters of affordable, universal child care. Ontario’s teachers helped form the Coalition over 30 years ago to give children access to quality early learning and child care programs.

We are also supporting the teachers because the average wage for an Early Childhood Educator in the GTA is only $16.21 / hour.

How is this relevant? Like early childhood education, teaching is a proud profession where skilled and committed educators do the best for students. Teachers have achieved decent wages and working conditions because they have worked together to fight for funding for education and respect for their profession.  In the child care sector, we need to do that as well. But we are worse off in child care if Ontario teachers lose their rights to negotiate and have their pay and working conditions imposed by the Ontario government.

The Bill being brought forward sets a precedent that stands directly in the way of workers' ability to ensure fair contracts - it states that, whether made by the Minister or Cabinet, no regulation, order, decision, act, advice, direction or term or condition imposed on employment contracts or collective agreements "shall be questioned" by any court (for more information, click here).

So, join us at Queen’s Park to support Ontario’s teachers in their fight to be treated with respect.

Presenting this Bill is an arbitrary and unnecessary decision.

  • While the teacher contract is up, bargaining commonly takes place before and after contracts expire. In fact, teachers bargain with local school boards NOT the provincial government, and that bargaining should continue.

Imposing a contract means there is no bargaining

  • The teachers are not on strike, they want to continue to bargain for fair wages and working conditions.

Education is our Future.

Stand with Educators on Tuesday August 28.