St. Catharines Standard: Funding for subsidized day-care spots 'short-term fix'


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Kathryn O'Hagan-Todd, Niagara Region's director of children's services, welcomed the extra money, but said it might not be enough to sustain all of the 580 new subsidized spots created since 2006.

"It's really only a short-term fix," said O'Hagan-Todd, whose department oversees child-care subsidies and runs several day cares.

"It still requires us to deal with a significant shortfall.


Child care can cost up to $10,000 per year, and that's more than some parents can afford, O'Hagan-Todd said.

Without subsidies, some parents would not be able to work, she said.

The Region is looking for ways to keep the spaces with its day-care providers, but it all depends on more money from the province, and the federal government to restore day-care funding, she said.

O'Hagan-Todd is calling on Ottawa to restore day-care funding.

St. Catharines Conservative MP Rick Dykstra was unavailable for comment Tuesday.