Sudbury Star: An Interesting View of the Needs of Rural Communities and Child Care


Ruth Farquhar is a columnist with a history of working on child care issues.

From her piece in the Sudbury Star:

"Last week, the Ontario government released its antipoverty legislation and as usual the Progressive Conservatives and NDP slammed it. Surprisingly, anti-poverty activists seemed to see it as a step forward.

The March 26 budget will be the test. Will there be actual money for programs to reduce poverty or will it be empty words?

The proposed bill is aimed at lifting about 90,000 children out of poverty by 2014. Antipoverty activists are looking for the budget to spell out specifics and for money earmarked for programs to reach that goal. The one that caught my attention is the request for the government to spend $85 million on 7,500 new affordable child care spaces. Let's hope the McGuinty Liberals listen to this one. "

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