Campaign Toolkit

summer_campaign_toolkit_cover.pngSince the election of the Ford government in June 2018, child care advocates have campaigned hard to protect the funding and policy gains that we worked for years to secure for children, families and educators. Over the past year we have faced setbacks, but we have also had hard-won victories. These victories show just how effective our coalition can be when we work together on a common goal. We have momentum, but our work is far from over! It’s time to double down on campaigning.

This tool kit will provide you with the resources that you need to take the lead in your community. Our campaign is not about having a one-off meeting with an MPP, but rather becoming the MPP’s link to the child care community, a resource person that they can come to when they have questions, and a trusted local constituent who can bring important issues facing our sector to the MPP’s attention. We also suggest community engagement strategies to begin to change the conversation about early learning and child care and to make it an important local issue.

Download the full toolkit (16 pp)

Documents to print and share with MPPs

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