Tabuns tells province to halt big-box child care expansion

Ontario's New Democrats

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns has expressed concern at the latest expansion of big-box private child care in Ontario.

“All the evidence shows that child care run by private companies listed on the stock exchange offer lower standards with a higher price tag,” said Tabuns.

“It doesn’t make sense for the province to stand on the sidelines while we allow big-box operators to cut corners and jack up prices to bump up profits for their shareholders, when non-profit and public child care clearly provide the best service for our children,” he added.

Tabuns responded to news that commercial provider Edleun has bought seven Ontario child care centres, four in Toronto and three in Windsor.

The NDP is calling on the Education Minister to press the pause button on private providers buying up centres, and sort out the mess that’s been left behind by the province’s poorly planned transition to full day kindergarden, rather than allow a creeping privatisation of child care in the province.

“Parents are very worried about the looming cuts to a child care system that’s already on the brink. With fees going up all the time and a shortage of spaces now is not the time to hand over our child care to the private firms who answer to their shareholders, rather than parents,” said Tabuns.

During the election campaign, New Democrats announced transition funding to protect child care spaces and freeze fees.


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