The Business Case for Early Learning and Child Care


At the Coalition, we often talk about the need for more child care from the perspective of parents. In part, that's because we hear from so many parents desperate for high quality, affordable child care. However, columnist Carol Goar does a great job today of focuing on the incredible social and economic returns for investing in early learning.

"Daniel Trefler, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Competitiveness and Prosperity at the Rotman School of Management, believes one strong push from the corporate sector would topple both barriers.

"The business community will decide whether we have an early childhood policy in this country," he says. "No other group has the power."

The internationally trained economist – with postgraduate degrees from Cambridge and UCLA – has made it his mission to convince corporate decision-makers that investing in children is both responsible and affordable. He employs economics, demographics, medical science and a blizzard of statistics and calculations and a crusader's zeal".

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