The case for publicly funded child care in Canada

The Globe and Mail 

The second article in a Globe six part series about building a better child care system in Canada addresses the topic of who is watching the kids. One alarming point: “In last week’s 7,100-word Throne Speech, child care got 64 of them.”

“Ottawa spends billions of dollars on Old Age Security, but high-quality, early childhood education – which experts agree would help mothers pursue careers, boost the birth rate, ease family stress, reduce poverty and improve success in school – isn’t even on the table.”

Even with Ottawa’s $100 monthly cheques, Canada’s upper-income families (including two working parents) “pay, on average, the fifth-highest fees of 30 industrialized countries,”

For low-income, single-parent families, they pay, on average, 48 per cent of their net income.

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