The curriculum for the full-day learning program is now available



Dear Friends,

Every Child, Every Opportunity, the curriculum for the full day Early Learning Program for 4 and 5 year olds, is now available in French and English.
The curriculum, the third and final product the Premier asked me to produce, was developed by a team of experts led by Jane Bertrand, George Brown College faculty member in the department of Early Childhood Education and
Dianne Riehl, Early Years Program Co-ordinator for the Toronto District School Board, reviewed by Dr. Stuart Shanker and informed by a team of experts. Every Child, Every Opportunity builds on the ELECT pedagogical framework and is intended to guide programming throughout the child's entire day, including summer activities.

In my view, the authors and experts who contributed to Every Child, Every Opportunity, have developed a document that reflects the best knowledge and practice available to inform early childhood programming and can be
considered for widespread field-testing as part of the phase-one implementation of the Early Learning Program.

Charles E. Pascal
Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation


In English: With Our Best Future in Mind: Implementing Early Learning in Ontario

En Francais: Dans l’optique de notre meilleur avenir : Mise en oeuvre de l’apprentissage des jeunes enfants en Ontario