The Great Number Controversy: How Many Subsidies are at risk?


The OCBCC had a meeting with Minister Deb Matthews on April 29 regarding the cuts to early learning and child care. .  The Minister disagrees with the figure of up to 22,000 lost child care subsidies. When municipalities worry about losing "best start" funding, only a part of that funding is the expiring $63.5, other Federal funding like the Multi-lateral framework funding will still flow.

As advocates, we don't know what the numbers are first hand - in this case we rely on municipalities who provide the service to identify the numbers. The City of Toronto estimated 6,000 lost subsidies - on a province-wide scale, that is 22,000. However the City of Toronto is reviewing their numbers and now says perhaps 2000 at are risk.

The Ontario Municipal Social Service Association is currently tabulating numbers for all 47 Municipalities and Districts who deliver child care services. That report will be released soon. That report will be helpful to all.

The Ministry says the lost spaces province-wide would be 8500 - however that assumes parents receive a full subsidy. With income testing, many parents receive a partial subsidy for early learning and child care.

We've eagerly await the OMSSA report. Regardless of the exact number, in early learning and child care we would all agree - one lost subsidy is too many. That's why we need to "Stop the Cuts to Child Care".