The Windsor Star: "Sadness grips city daycares"

The decision made by council to end the city of Windsor's 40 year old municipally operated daycare program has hit the community hard, with many parents expressing their worries and anger over the decision, and commiting to continuing fighting the decision.  "Many of those interviewed outside city-operated daycares Thursday pointed to the fact the targeted workers are women and that it's mothers who will be predominantly affected by council's decision".

"All levels of government in this country are taking away from women and children -- it's so discouraging," said parent Jen Walker...."I'm very disappointed with this and very upset."
"If I could use a single word to describe it, it's sadness," said Sarah St. John, an early childhood educator with 14 years experience -- 12 of them with the city -- but no certainty about her future as a municipal employee.

The need for child care is still high, and when parents go into municipal run centres, they are being turned away. 
"When I went in yesterday, they said they can't accept any new kids because they're closing down," Stephanie McGinnis said Thursday outside Jefferson Early Learning and Child Care Centre. McGinnis, 26, said she needs daycare now that she's returned to school full-time to complete her high school diploma. She's worried about the added cost and reduced convenience of having to look elsewhere.
One mother told The Star she's worried she'll face a huge price increase once her child's heavily subsidized $100 per month city daycare spot disappears.