Thunder Bay council axes evening childcare program

CBC News Thunder Bay

“A tie vote by Thunder Bay councillors Monday night means the city's evening childcare program will cease at the end of June.”

During the meeting, six councillors voted to keep the pilot programming running at the Grace Remus Childcare Centre and six voted against it. With a tie, the motion was lost. A report from administration noted how parents were worried they would have to quit their job or reduce their hours if they could not find alternative arrangement for their children.

“Coun. Rebecca Johnson said the majority of taxpayers shouldn't fund a program used by only a few families.”

“But Coun. Ken Boshcoff said the answer should lie somewhere in the middle of these two arguments.” "You reduce where you can and, as long as you know the people are still being protected and have alternative sources to go to, then this is how we should be running as a municipality,” he said.

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