Toronto City Budget has no Child Care Cuts

Parents and Staff!. . .CONGRATULATIONS. . . Thanks to YOUR hard work and ADVOCACY.  The child care “Occupancy Agreement” (the Rent Grant) has been saved! 

The Occupancy Agreement for child care programs in schools was negotiated in 1998 BY THE CITY – because it’s a GOOD DEAL for FAMILIES & TAXPAYERS!  Congratulations to all Parents and Staff. . .  You did a wonderful job of reaching your Councillors and conveying this important message to them!In a very close vote, an omnibus bill moved by Councillor Josh Colle was supported by the majority (23 to 21), saving many services and programs vital to Toronto’s families.Some of the Programs and Services protected include:

$5 million to the TTC to help prevent service cuts
$3.9 million to prevent proposed cuts to libraries
$1.68 million for the school-based childcare rent subsidy
$1.3 million to restore youth programs at Priority Centres
$680,000 for programming at 5 school-based pools
$260,000 for ice rink programming

If your Councillor is one of those who supported this omnibus bill (see list below) . . . Be sure to thank them for their support of Child Care !
  • Maria Augimeri (ward 9)
  • Janet Davis (ward 31)
  • Mary Fragedakis (ward 29)
  • Pam McConnell (ward 28)
  • Anthony Perruza (ward 8 )
  • Ana Bailao (ward 18)
  • Glen de Baermaeker (ward 38)
  • Mike Layton (ward 19)
  • Mary-Margaret McMahon (ward 32)
  • Adam Vaughan (ward 20)
  • Shelley Carroll (ward 33)
  • Sara Doucette (ward 13)
  • Chin Lee (ward 41)
  • Joe Mihevc (ward 21)
  • Kristen Wong-Tam (ward 27)
  • Raymond Cho (ward 42)
  • John Filion (ward 23)
  • Lindsay Luby (ward 4)
  • James Pasternak (ward 10)Josh Colle (ward 15)
  • Paula Fletcher (ward 30)
  • Josh Matlow (ward 22)
  • Gord Perks (ward 14)

***  If they are not on the list it means they did not support child care in this budget. . . You can let them know you are disappointed and spend the next year trying to educate them further ***!