Toronto gets daycare funding boost from Queen's Park

The Toronto Star

“Toronto’s share of provincial child-care funding is going up by almost $21 million this year, a windfall that will allow the city to add 668 new daycare-fee subsidies for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.”

The total amount of subsidies for the city will total to 24,932.

The increase in provincial funding will help finance the addition of infant and toddlers spaces as well as ensure fee subsidies cover the full cost of care, says a city staff report to be discussed by Toronto’s budget review committee on Wednesday.

Jane Mercer from the Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care says “this is a significant increase and very welcome news for families with young children in Toronto”.

“The extra money is a result of Ontario’s new child-care funding formula and a three-year, $242-million increase announced in the 2012 provincial budget.”

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