Toronto Star: Advocates welcome Ontario's $18 million commitment to save spaces threatened by expired federal funding


“It is a really good sign that the province has seen the urgency of the issue,” said Andrea Calver of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, which organized today’s Queen’s Park lobby. “If the money forestalls cuts, that’s an excellent sign. But there is still work to be done.”

Municipalities, which administer child-care funding for Queen’s Park, are also relieved because it means programs will be secure for another 18 months while the province considers the introduction of all-day learning for 4- and 5-year-olds in September 2010.

“It gives us a reprieve,” said Nancy Matthews, general manager of children’s services for Toronto, where about 2,000 subsidized spaces were at risk and where more than 15,000 children are waiting for subsidized spots. “This goes some way to maintain some stability in the system.”

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