Toronto Star: Child Care Shortage Means Many Families Lack Access to Child Care


The Toronto Star featured several families who can't find child care. The long waiting lists are why parents start putting their children on child care centre waiting lists as soon as they find out that they are expecting.

Child care centres hate putting children on waiting lists. In some high demand areas, centres have closed their waiting list so neighbourhood families don't have false hope that they will ever get a space. So, if the demand is there, why is there not more child care?

Child care has ratios of adults to children - 1 adult for 3 infants, 1 adult for 5 toddlers, 1 adult for 8 pre-schoolers, and 1 adult for every 10 kindergarten children. Where parents pay the full fee for child care, it become unaffordable for most families. Without investing in a child care system, the spaces are not there when families need them.

If you are having trouble finding child care, or having trouble paying for child care, remember to go to and send a message to your politicans. They need to hear from you.

To read the story in the Star, click here.