Toronto Star Editorial: Politicians drop the daycare ball

Published On Mon Mar 1 2010, to read the full editorial, please click here.
"In the current troubled economic situation, one would think the politicians would jump at the opportunity to target stimulus funding to a program that would create jobs for thousands of workers; free up others to upgrade their education; and help set young children on the path to success.

Unfortunately, our municipal, provincial and federal governments are shying away from a much-needed expansion of our child-care sector. Worse yet, all three levels seem poised to adopt budgets in the coming weeks that actually cut subsidized child-care spaces, lay off workers and drive up costs for full-fee parents. That would force some to quit their jobs rather than pay more for child care than they earn.

Toronto's proposed budget, unveiled last month, would strip nearly $6 million of funding for rent for 370 school-based daycares. Child-care advocates predict such a move would drive up costs by $60 to $80 a month per child.

As well, nearly 8,000 subsidized spaces across the province – and several thousand child-care sector jobs – are at risk of disappearing if neither Ottawa nor Queen's Park allocates $63.5 million for the spaces in their respective budgets (Ottawa's on Thursday, the province's later this month)."