Universal Childcare Benefit Cheques Sales Pitch Targeted By Opposition

Huffington Post

Opposition parties gathered in Ottawa on Monday tackled the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) that was boasted about by the federal government. 

Parties argued that the federal government is admitting to that the Canadian economy needs a boost. 

NDP finance critic Nathan Cullen says the Conservatives appear to be owning up to the fact the Canadian economy is slumping.

"You almost want to celebrate the fact they're acknowledging the Canadian economy needs a boost. But this isn't what this tax measure was designed for and it is not what it does,'" Cullen said in a phone interview.

Statistics Canada reported the economy shed 6,400 jobs last month and concern grows as the government continues to reject the need for a new stimulus package to address the slowdown.

"They've had almost 10 years to roll out their plan and it has been hurting more than helping," Cullen said. "That's the reality, the numbers don't lie. They are what they are."

Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said the feds are handing out the childcare cheques on the eve of an election to try and buy votes.

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