Updates and Bulletins on Full-Day Learning in Ontario


June 2010 Update - Many thanks to the Early Learning Division for this update on the many legislative and policy changes in Ontario

Transfer of responsibility for child care from MCYS to Ministry of Education
Full-Day Learning Year two schools announced
Bill 242 - Legislation Implementing Early Learning in Ontario
Regulations - Further Details on Legislation Implementing Early Learning
Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program Curriculum
Children with special needs/special education needs
Child care stabilization funding
Wage subsidy
More information from the Ministry of Education


Implementing Early Learning - OCBCC Bulletins

Bulletin #1: Site Selection, Concerns about Early Learning and Child Care Programs and How Municipalities Can Ensure Child Care Programs Stay Viable

Bulletin #2: Funding and Quality

Bulletin #3: Bill 242 - Legislation Implementing Early Learning


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Throughout the 2009 summer, we published information bulletins on the report "With Our Best Future in Mind" - released June 15.
Bulletin #1: Background and Context
Bulletin #2: What Does the Report Say About ECE's?
Bulletin #3: What Does the Report Say about the Role of Municipalities? What Does the Report say about funding for infants to four year olds?
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Bulletin #5: How Much Will The Report Cost to Implement?