Week of Action to #StopTheChildCareChanges


This is the last week to share your thoughts on the proposed changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCYEA). We have surveyed the sector, and the community is overwhelmingly in opposition to many of the proposed changes. We know that there are many ongoing challenges our sector is facing, but the sector has spoken – this is not the way to address them. 

The AECEO and OCBCC are holding a Week of Action to #StopTheChildCareChanges. We want to ensure that the Ford government hears from you before the consultation period closes. We encourage you to use this opportunity to share your perspective and advocate for our profession and sector.

Monday: Write a submission to the Ministry of Education

If you haven’t had the opportunity to write a submission to the Ministry of Education, today is the day. We have created an email template where you can personalize your response. We are asking you to include us by cc-ing ([email protected]/[email protected]). We are doing this so we can hold the Ministry accountable and to inform our formal submission. Submissions are due by Friday.

Tuesday: Call your MPP

We know that as a regulatory posting, these changes can be passed without a vote. However – we also know that MPPs will speak up when they know their constituents are opposed to changes or they will have a negative impact on your community. Let’s call our MPPs and let them know what we think of the proposed changes to the CCEYA. Don’t know what to say? We’ve got a template to help you, but remember – your voice, experience, and ideas matter, and you are the best person to speak about how these changes will impact you and your community.

Wednesday: 12:00pm Lunchtime Twitter Storm 

Let’s take it to social media at 12:00pm and remind Premier Ford, Education Minister Lecce, and the public why our sector deserves better than watered down regulations. Please share your story of how these changes will impact you, children, families, and your communities. Be sure to tag us at @AECEO and @ChildCareON and use the hashtags #RisingUpForChildCare and #StopTheChildCareChanges.

For example:

@Sflecce + @fordnation – We need you to #StopTheChildCareChanges because (Insert your story here). We are #RisingUpForChildCare with @AECEO + @ChildCareON


@Sflecce + @fordnation – Children, families and educators deserve better than watered down regulations. It's time to #StopTheChildCareChanges and start #RisingUpForChildCare with a national child care system! @AECEO @ChildCareON


@Sflecce + @fordnation – It’s not quality early childhood education without the early childhood educator. It's time to #StopTheChildCareChanges and start #RisingUpForChildCare with #DecentWork for ECEs! @AECEO @ChildCareON

Thursday: Share Your Submissions

We know many individuals and organizations have made submissions to the consultation on the CCEYA. We also know, the report back from the 5-year review on the CCEYA didn’t show the full story. We know many are opposed to these changes, and we need to ensure that this is visible and public. Let’s all share our submissions, through social media and our networks, to show this sector is united and strong. On Twitter please tag us at @AECEO and @ChildCareON and use the hashtags #RisingUpForChildCare and #StopTheChildCareChanges or on Facebook at @AECEOntario and @OCBCC.

Friday: Listen Up Lecce! Call out to Minister of Education

Education Minister Stephen Lecce needs to hear from you – the people who will be directly impacted by the changes his Ministry is proposing. Let’s make sure, on the last day of the consultation period, he has no doubt about where we stand on the proposed changes. Let’s make sure he hears our collective voice, and he feels our ECE Power. On Friday, let’s all take a few minutes to call Lecce and tell him we are opposed to changes to age ranges/group sizes/ratios and to staff qualifications. Let’s tell him why children, families and educators deserve better.

  • Template to support you – but remember, your voices and experiences matter, and they deserve to be heard. 
  • Ministry office: 416-325-2600
  • Constituency office: 647-560-9700