Week of Activities! I love my child care!

February 14th - 18th is the Week of Activities for Child Care!


Valentine's Day:

Send your MPP a Valentine saying  how much you love child care! I Love My Child Care! or Happy Valentine's Day!

Click the links above for PDFs of sample cards that can be printed out and sent to your MPP! Both cards have room for a personal message or drawing.

Make copies for kids to draw on, or for parents to fill out. Take pictures and send them to us!

Don't know who your representative is? Don't worry! Click here to find your riding, and then follow the links to find out more about your MPP including contact information!

Don't know how to contact your representative? Click here for a list of MPPs and their information.


Other activities you can take part in:

Click here for a flyer outlining activity suggestions for the week.

Short for time? Click here for a list of small actions you can take to raise awareness about the need for child care funding. Even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes, you can make a difference. All across the province, we will all be doing small things to help put child care on the public agenda.