Your Stories: Readers sound off on Universal Child Care Benefit

Global News Toronto


Paying for child care on a single income


Amongst hundreds of other families B.C. resident, Megan Nielsen is still questioning how the Universal Child Care Benefit will cover the cost of child care. She found herself elbowed out of eligibility for a daycare subsidy when her daughter entered kindergarten. She watched as the cost tripled overnight and found herself to be working just to pay for child care. 

After living with family “to try and squish by,” Nielsen’s preparing to move to subsidized housing. For her, the extra $60 a month in Canada’s beefed-up Universal Child Care Benefit will help. But not much.

 Here are some of the responses we received:

“$60? Really? Does anyone have any idea how much child care costs?”

        “The fact that daycare fees for two kids equal our rent is mind-blowing.”

"My husband works full-time and we’re stuck now, because combined our income is too much to qualify for subsidy and with government aid we get about $200 a month to help with daycare. So out of pocket, we’re paying $500+ just for daycare. It essentially negates an entire cheque for me."


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