Parent Stories

Parent stories

Parents all over Canada are sharing their stories about their child care struggles and the need for quality child care all families can afford.



Let's Rethink Child Care! Families have the right to access affordable, high quality child care 

Children and families in Canada have a right to access quality, affordable child care services. Yet, only 20% of young children today have access to a regulated space and, in many regions, child care fees are the second highest expense for young families.      

PSAC video, Vote Child Care 2015

Child care in Canada is expensive and hard to find. The federal government says $160 a month should make a difference. These parents say it will barely make an impact. 

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Child care over both genders its not only the moms duty to locate a reasonable parental figure for her kid while she and her significant other are grinding away. According to the expert at ;A more appropriate arrangement would be for maybe bigger enterprises or even state level government to support day cares with reasonable prepared representatives or what i am seeing increasingly for mother and father to work the night move so they can be at home with the children amid the day taking out that need.