48% of Ontario's Child Care Centres to Be Impacted by Full-Day Learning

This shocking statistic comes from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Implementing full-day learning will have a huge impact on our programs and on our sector. In fact, the impact of full-day learning on our programs is already significant.

 If you are affected by full-day learning, and considering changes to your level of service, we need to hear from you. Please email [email protected].

 We all know younger children are more expensive to care for. That’s why Dr. Pascal, in his report “With Our Best Future in Mind” called for municipalities to keep savings from children moving to a public system, capital funding to renovate our centres for younger children and transitional funding for the child care sector.

 Where is the Ministry of Children and Youth Services?  There has been no announcement of funding since the Premier’s announcement on October 27.

 If child care programs are to survive, we need to mitigate the impacts of full-day learning – Now.

The OCBCC is playing a central role in circulating information to the early learning and child care community. Like all of you, we worry about the implications of full-day learning for our programs. However, we also see potential to stabilize and grow our early learning programs through this new program. We are calling on the Province to:

  • Provide sufficient funding to maintain existing levels of child care service
  • Support the transition to an Early Learning Program - including base funding for child care programs to support operations and wages, comparable to the full-day learning program, in order to ensure the child care system remains stable and sustainable.