CWELCC information for child care centre boards

Does your child care centre board of directors have questions about the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care agreement? We have put together a fact sheet to help you understand questions such as what the new funding provides your centre, when you will receive funds to provide families, the municipality's role and much more. You can download the PDF version of our fact sheet here.

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Ford is failing families: Let's make child care essential for economic recovery

The Ford government has not promised any new funding to Ontario’s early learning and child care sector since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Their failure to act is pushing child care into a funding crisis that will destabilize the entire sector. With only 3 days’ notice to re-open, child care centres are being forced to lottery off child care spaces, lay off staff, or close permanently.

Parents are worried about a shortage of child care spaces as several programs are on the verge of financial devastation. We don’t have to accept Ford’s disastrous re-opening plan: Now is the time to speak out about the dire crisis facing child care.

>> Fact sheet in PDF.

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Current issues in child care

At the OCBCC, we advocate for accessible, affordable, and high quality child care. The fact sheet below outlines some of the issues that Ontario's child care system is currently facing, as well as the role that the OCBCC plays in advocating for positive change.

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Child care in the municipal election 2018

Child Care in the 2018 municipal elections fact sheet

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Child care in the 2018 Ontario municipal elections October 22nd

The Ontario municipal elections are coming up on October 22nd, 2018. We need to elect champions for child care to all municipal and regional councils. We've put together a fact sheet of key information on child care issues in Ontario municipalities, including how to get involved in the election and questions for candidates.

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Child care and the gender wage gap

fact_sheet_thumbnail.pngChild care is an economic justice issue for women. This fact sheet summarizes how the current child care patchwork contributes to the gender wage gap; benefits of an universal system and recommendations for government action are proposed.

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