For Parents

Write to your politicians


We are a group of Ontario parents who are working together to advocate for an affordable, quality child care system for all, supported by the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care.

For families across Ontario today securing child care is often difficult and stressful. There are long waitlists for regulated child care because there are not enough spaces for those who need them. While child care fees are going down, that's no use if you can't find a child care space. This is a crisis, but for families it is often a crisis that we experience alone. Ontario Child Care Parents have joined together to make it clear that a community crisis needs a community solution.

We have joined together to demand that Ontario create an affordable, quality child care system for all.

We need more parent voices! Parents are some of the most effective advocates for improvements to child care. Do you have an opinion on your experience with child care? Would you like to share your story? We want to hear from you. Email [email protected] or visit our facebook page Ontario Child Care Parents at https://w to get involved.