Child care matters to everyone: A snapshot of child care in Ontario

This 2015 report brings together recent data on child care in Ontario with community voices talking about lived experience. We weave together both numbers and personal perspectives to create a living snapshot of the state of child care in Ontario.


The latest data from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit’s Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada series and municipal data from the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI) form the core of the numbers. These are presented together with community voices from around the province - individuals or groups that the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care has engaged with over the past year as part of our work around the province showing the value of licensed child care and early childhood educators to local communities. Each one of these people is a child care champion: parent, educator, community activist, faith leader, or economist. Together we are building a united movement around a simple idea – child care matters to everyone.

This report is available for FREE DOWNLOAD (PDF, 678.29 KB)