Daycare crisis: Scrambling for care after Eva Ravikovich's death

The Toronto Star

After the death of 2 year old Eva Ravikovich this past summer, parents who were also using the unlicensed child care for their children were left scrambling for care. Heart-breaking stories from parents say they were desperate, judged and embarrassed.

 “We’ve had a lot of judgment with people we are friends with, and people we are acquaintances with,” said one woman, whose 2-year-old daughter went to the daycare until Eva’s death. The anonymous woman says she was distraught after Eva’s death and took a two month leave from work. Another parent was fired from his job after the illegal facility closed because he was turning up late and leaving early to look after his daughter.

Andrea Calver, coordinator at the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care says: “Our economy can’t work without child care. It is time governments recognized that.”

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