How a five-year-old taught her mom to read every night

The Globe and Mail 

Almost halfway through the school’s first year, and parents of children in the new Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy are being the positive benefits of full day kindergarten.

Parent Chitra Venkatrao now reads to her daughter before bed every night, which was not a part of a bedtime ritual for this mother. Her daughter, five year old Neha Charles, will not fall asleep until she has read the book cover to cover.

“By the end of the week, Neha has memorized passages. “I have to continue, that’s how I feel,” Ms.Venkatrao says. “That reading habit will be good for her.”

Marni Brownell, an associate professor in the department of community health sciences at the University of Manitoba and the lead researcher of a study about all-day kindergarten, says “If you can get parental involvement, then perhaps you can expect more long-term benefits”.

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