How to be the ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ for child care in your community

Advocacy works!

Including information on the new funding formula, how to work with your CMSM/DSSAB, and what to take to a Supervisors' meeting.

Politicians need to hear why child care matters!

The site allows you to quickly select the message you want to send to your MPP. Share it with your family and friends. We hear every day about how much child care matters to Ontarians, and how hard it is to find and afford. This is our chance to come together and speak out.

Are you having trouble finding child care? Affording child care? Do you support publicly funded child care in Ontario? Having trouble finding child care? Having trouble paying for child care? Send a message to your local MPP and MP.

With just your postal code, you can send a message to your Federal and Provincial representatives about child care at