January, 2015 Child Care Watch









 $1 wage enhancement
queenspark.jpgOn January 19th the Ontario government announced more details of the $1/hr wage enhancement for child care staff promised in the last provincial budget.

The Ontario government has now posted a number of resources on the wage enhancement including: ELCC memoQuestions and Answers and the Ontario Child Care Service Management and Funding Guideline 2015.



New staff at the OCBCC

viktoria.jpgThe Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care pleased to welcome Viktoria Bitto as our new Membership and Administration Coordinator. Viktoria is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has previously worked with the OCBCC and TCBCC as a student and volunteer. Viktoria has a deep commitment to advocacy, accessible, affordable and universal child care and we are very pleased to welcome her to our team. If you’d like to contact Viktoria email: [email protected]


 It matters to child care! It’s time to reinstate the long-form Census. 

StatsCan.jpgThe Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, along with many other public interest groups, supports calls for the federal government to support Bill C-626 to bring back the long-form Census. To learn more about why the long-form Census matters to child care, read the Childcare Resource and Research Unit’s blog “Data crimes and misdemeanors: Why childcare, too, needs the long form census".


Ontario's neighbour getting serious about child care!

picture_2.jpgThe Manitoba government has established a commission to look at ways to redesign Manitoba’s early learning and child-care system to guide future plans including developing options to create universally accessible early learning and child care for all Manitoba families.