Licensing Website Gets Huge Media Attention


The Toronto Star featured a story on the new Ministry of Children and Youth Database for licensing problems at child care centres.While the site has been up since Monday, today the Ministry issued a release which resulted in a lot of media coverage. The OCBCC talked to News 640 AM, CBC Radio, Radio Canada, Global TV, CBC TV, CITY TV, and did a lot of background work explaining the issue.

For parents, the issue will continue to be there is not enough child care and the child care out there is too expensive. Finding a listing for child care on the internet will likely lead to a long waiting list. Need a subsidized space? Well the Toronto list is 11,661 families as of yesterday.

The website fails to solve these two key problems for child care?

What is the solution? We are calling for a space for every child in Ontario from ages 3-5 over the next government's mandate. The cost of $900 million is well worth it, looking at the research into the importance of the early years.

That would really help Ontario parents!