Local News: New childcare spaces welcomed


Progressive Conservative Durham MPP John O'Toole said it's good that the government is continuing the child-care subsidies but the all-day kindergarten creates problems by pulling child re n, and revenue, from the child-care system.

Olan-MacLean credits strong lobbying, particularly from the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, for the province's decision. Now that same advocacy is being put to work on a new issue, she said.

The province is extending full-day education to four-and five-year-olds, a move that will have an impact on child-care operators, she said. Not only will they lose those children to the school system, the province wants schools to take on even more of the child-care workload.

"The new legislation that's being put in place is that boards of education have to provide before-and after-school care for four-and five-year-olds, and with a vision that later on they'd be doing the six-to 12-yearolds," Olan-MacLean said.

"Those spots really inject a lot of income into the child-care stream. So without that income, again, parents are facing huge fee increases for the infants and toddlers. So our next step is to advocate to the government that they drop that provision."

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