May 4th: Child Care Now! Standing up for child care in Ontario

12 pm - Queen's Park (College and University)
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Leading up to this year's provincial budget, thousands of Ontarians sent messages to their MPP to say that child care matters to them. We warned of a wave of closures and fee increases if stabilization funding was not provided.

Despite our warnings, there was no money in the budget to protect Ontario's child care sector.

We have been here before – in 2009, child care faced cuts without funding in the budget. The budget came and went without funding – but we continued our campaign and new, permanent, provincial funding was a part of the 2010 provincial budget. We all need to get informed and raise awareness in our community.

We need to keep the pressure on!

On Friday May 4th, we will come together outside the Ontario Legislature and remind politicians that child care matters to all Ontarians.

Child care is vital for our kids, our families and our communities. Right now 4 out of 5 Ontario kids are left out of licensed child care. We can't afford to lose a single space.

All are welcome (including kids of course!). Feel free to bring signs!

For more information contact us at 416-538-0628 x 2 or e-mail info.