Media round-up: Child Care Worker and ECE Appreciation Day 2023

Coverage of OCBCC & AECEO Salary Scale Position Paper

The OCBCC & AECEO used Appreciation Day to publicly release our position paper calling for a salary scale and decent work and pay for ECEs and child care workers. We held a press conference at Queen's Park and discussed the paper and its recommendations in the media.

oct_17_2023_presser.jpegHere is a selection of the coverage:

Ontario falling behind other provinces on child care wages and jeopardizing progress on $10-day child care plan, new report shows, Newswire, 17 Oct 2023

Ontario early childhood educators among lowest paid in Canada: advocates, Canadian Press story and City TV video report, 17 Oct 2023

Ontario childhood educators among lowest paid in Canada, advocates say, CTV, 17 Oct 2023

Ontario must boost wages to fix ‘drastic’ shortage of daycare workers, advocates say, Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star, 17 Oct 2023

Child care educators in the province are among the lowest paid in Canada. Interview with AECEO's Alana Powell, NewsTalk 1010 Moore in the Morning, 18 Oct 2023

How hard is it to find affordable child care in Ontario? (One-hour CBC Ontario Today phone-in, featuring interviews with OCBCC's Carolyn Ferns and AECEO's Alana Powell), CBC Radio, 19 Oct 2023