New legislation to impact child care

The Belleville Intelligencer

“A new piece of legislation in the Ontario government is aiming to update a 30-year-old childcare act by introducing new oversight measures and increasing access to spaces with licensed providers. Family Space Quinte executive director Kelly Matheison says it's a welcome change.”

 "Because the act was written in 1946, and since it hasn't had any real revision since 1983, it's time for a change," Matheison said. "There are some wonderful informal care providers, and I'm not making a judgment in terms of quality, but it's nice that the licensed sector is going to be treated the same way as the unlicensed sector."

Under the terms of the new legislation, the province would gain the ability to levy penalties of up to $100,000 per infraction by a child care provider, increasing the maximum penalty for illegal offences to $250,000 and requiring all private schools that care for more than five children under the age of four to be licensed.

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