OCBCC endorses BC campaign for $10 a day child care

Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC

The OCBCC executive endorsed the campaign by child care advocates for affordable child care in British Columbia. In November, we brought Sharon Gregson to Toronto to speak about the campaign which has thousands of organizational and individual endorsements.

Like Ontario, child care in British Columbia is expensive and hard-to-find. The child care advocacy coalition has developed a plan to phase in affordable child care at $10 a day. Affordable child care would help BC’s children, families and the economy. Recent studies have demonstrated the economic benefits of investing in child care including expanding the availability of parents to work or go to school, increasing income tax payments to governments and long term benefits from investing in young children.

In Ontario, we have much to learn about the success of our colleagues in BC who have built a campaign that has brought mobilized child care staff, parents and employers to speak out in favour of affordable child care and bring about a positive change for BC’s children, families and the BC economy.

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