OCBCC Looks Forward to Funding Announcement and changes to DNA Legislation

OCBCC president Sheila Olan-MacLean and staff Katie Arnup just attended a conference on June 9 with Minister Broten and Assistant Deputy Minister Jim Grieve.

The Ministry is hopeful that this summer will be busy summer with new child care initiatives on funding and legislation and regulation.

The first step will be for the Ministry of Education to allocate money from the Provincial Budget. When the OCBCC met with Minister Broten we told her the limited funding needs to make a real difference on the front lines of child care.

To read our thank you letter, outlining some of our key concerns, please click the link: June 14 Letter to Minister Broten

In addition to funding, we are anticipating a significant discussion paper from the Ministry of Education this summer. When there is news - we will let you know.

That means that over the summer and fall, we need to be prepared to engage in discussions about the vision for child care programs. If you have ideas or initiatives that can help develop a vision changes to the Day Nurseries Act and improvements to child care funding, legislation and regulation, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Otherwise, watch for news by email and have a great summer!