Ontario proposes tougher rules to crack down on unlicensed daycares

CTV News Toronto

Education Minister Liz Sandals announced on Tuesday a new child care legislation “The Child Care Modernization Act”, which if passed, would update the current rules, which was first introduced in 1946. Specifically, the act would tighten rules and toughen fines for child care providers who operate unlicensed child care facilities.

“When parents drop their children off for childcare, they want to know they’re in a safe nurturing environment, regardless of whether they are in licensed or unlicensed care,” Sandals said in a statement.”

Andrea Calver, coordinator of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care states:

“It’s still a complaint-driven system and we’d like to see every provider who does this for money licenced. But this is a much tougher atmosphere for unlicensed childcare and they’re going to need to follow the rules”.

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