Ontario to close private school daycare loophole

The Toronto Star

Reported by the Star, “the provincial government is taking action to close the loophole that allows some daycares associated with private schools to operate without a licence”.

To be introduced today, the minority Liberal government will be making changes to the Day Nurseries Act (DNA). The DNA governs all child care in the province.

“According to a non-government source who was briefed on the legislation, the reforms will include ending the licensing exception for daycares associated with private schools that have been operating since before 1993”.

Progressive Conservative education critic Rob Leone- “says the government has been dragging its heels on an issue that affects the safety of our children.”

Three children in the past 6 months have died in unlicensed child care.

NDP Children and Youth Services critic Monique Taylor- “Affordable, safe child care is what we need,” she said. “We have to make sure we have a system that families can count on.”

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